Pot is rot

Sep. 2nd, 2012 11:14 pm
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I have never done illegal drugs, or drunk alcohol. There's nothing moral about that, it's just that I'm a control freak. The effects people describe from mind-altering substances always sounded way too much like dissociation felt to me; I'd do that on purpose -why-, exactly? But also, in the case of alcohol and pot, they smell repulsive to me. I've described the smell of pot smoke as: Get a cigarette damp, seal it in a plastic bag, and leave it in a warm spot until mold forms, then dry it out for a couple of days and light up!

I mowed my friend's yard earlier this week, over the course of two days. I was bagging the clippings to keep any plantain or crabgrass seeds from planting themselves. Two or three times on both days, dumping the clipping into the compost bin in the corner, I got a whiff of pot smoke. I looked for someone toking up in the parking lot across the street, but no. The neighbors weren't on their back deck, not that I ever smell anything illegal from them. It was a mystery.

I was over at my friend's again today, doing something over in that corner, and finally the lightbulb went on over my head. Last week, I'd pruned the Burning Bush. I wanted the leaves to dry out before I put them with the other stuff over there, because there's this mantra with composting of having equal parts "green" and "brown" stuff, and between weeds and grass clippings, there's plenty of green stuff in summer, but not much brown stuff. Dry leaves are brown, so I put the pruned stuff in the wheelbarrow, planning to dump it on the brush pile in a week or so. And then it rained. And the wheelbarrow bottom is partly watertight. So while the top 18 inches or so of the pruned stuff was drying out this week, the bottom -four- inches or so were, uh, marinating in their own funky juices. And apparently slow-brewed Burning Bush green tea smells like pot smoke. I don't know if you can get high off of it, but feel free to try it out sometime and let me know.


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