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I'm moving in 15 days.  I've used Gentle Giant twice in the past, and they rock, so I'm using them again.  I know from the last move (and asked this time just to make sure) that they are fine with you leaving clothes and such in the drawers of dressers or chests.  I also know from the last move that smaller contents have a tendency to end up behind the drawers and inside the dresser.  I sew, which means in addition to clothes, I have much fabric; much of one dresser and the chest are taken up with cloth and partly finished sewing projects.  They aren't very efficiently packed, anyway, so I figured I'd consolidate stuff in the drawers, cramming as much clothing and cloth as i can in them, so i don't have to use as many boxes.  It's also a chance to paw through stuff and go, "Oh, right, I should finish that." So, I went through the two bottom drawers on that dresser, organizing and refolding and moving down stuff from the pen-bottom (you know, like penultimate) two drawers.  Then I started filling the pen-bottom two drawers with stuff from my closet that I need to make alterations to. 

And then the real anal-retentivity hit.  For aesthetic reasons, there's a two-inch strip of wood between the pen-bottom drawers and the row above them.  which means, since there's no "floor" under the drawers, there's a cavity of about three inches between the top of the lower drawers and the bottom of the upper ones.  And I looked in, and saw all that space, and thought, "You know, a rolled-up pair of pants is just about three inches high."

I may live to regret this plan: If they bunch up in the wrong way during transit, removing the drawers could end up being a character-building experience.  But hey, I don't usually wear pants until it gets cold, so I'll have until December to figure it out.


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