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I took the sections of the memoir that I posted in November and December and February and put them up on Amazon Kindle as Subsequent Slices.  This is not the more recent piece about my father; that'll follow sometime soon, if I get the gumption to deal.
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After careful consideration of the cons and pros of self-publishing my one completed novel (Will agents turn up their noses at me for temporarily eschewing traditional publishing? Or will they be dazzled by my stunning sales numbers?), I decided to heed my inner Colbert and follow my gut, or my id, or whatever it is that was whining "But why nah-aht?"  So yeah, The Wizard's Son, dark and depressing, mental illness, inky humor, pretty much what you'd expect from me except maybe the tentatively hopeful ending.  It's only available on Amazon Kindle for now, because them's the rules if I want to enroll it in their "Lending Library," where "Prime" members with an actual Kindle (not a free app to read on a computer or another device, cuz that wouldn't be special enough) can borrow one book a month for free.

As an added incentive, if you read it, you get to voice your opinion on the following: Is this a young-adult novel that adults would enjoy, or is it a coming-of-age story that teenagers would find accessible?  I spent my adolescence reading grown-up fiction and didn't really deign to read YA until college, so I'm a pretty lousy judge.

Now maybe I can put the energy I've spent waffling into getting some actual writing done.
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I'm colossally stupid.  Or at least absent-minded.  You know how yesterday I said that Amazon had put my screenplay on sale for free? Well, Amazon didn't do it; I did.  They are now doing a Kindle lending library for Prime members with an actual physical Kindle, and I signed up my stuff for that, and part of that is that if you like, you can offer each pub for free for up to 5 days for everyone, physical Kindle or not.  I had scheduled the screenplay from December 13-17.  And then forgot all about it.  So yeah, no Amazon fine-print shenanigans, just me doing something deliberate and then not remembering I did it.

Anyway, I will probably actually end the sale tonight so I can use the other three days in a month or two, but it'll still be free at least through tonight.
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As you might have noticed (because I've been blogging about it incessantly), I've been writing more in the last few weeks.  I also worked up the gumption to send out queries to agents about the completed novel and the decent picture book manuscript.  I've gotten back three novel rejections, which leaves two still out there, plus the two for the picture book.  I should really start thinking about sending out more, but I wasn't up for that this afternoon.  I was, however, apparently up for looking into the authonomy site.  It's run by HarperCollins, and basically holds out the carrot-on-a-stick to unpublished authors like me that you post your work there and agents and publishers will flock to the site and discover you and sign you and all your dreams will come true.  I'm more pessimistic, of course, and the reviews of the site match my half-empty view: you have to be good at networking to first get lots of people to recommend your work in order for it to get a high enough ranking to even show up on the radar.  And really, most of the other members are gonna be other writers like you, so it's all a kind of circle-puff-up.  

However, the site allows me to do something I've been wanting to do: post the entire novel so that friends and acquaintances can read it if they want, all in one place, without my self-publishing in some semi-official way on Kindle or Nook that might make it less desirable to regular agents and publishers.

So, feel free to go read The Wizard's Son, which features mental illness, a pinch of self-injury, past child abuse, and a teacher from hell, but also some strong friendships, a good mother, a cat, and a fantasy story within a story — which like the novel itself ends on a more hopeful note than you might expect from me.  You don't seem to need to register just to read it, although if you'll need an account to rate it or comment there.

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It's not that I've been doing a lot of writing over the last couple of weeks, I've just been doing a lot of "selling myself."  I don't know which makes me feel more emotionally nekkid: writing soul-bearing blog posts about self-mutilation, or trying to craft a letter that will entice an agent to adopt my novel or picture book.  Part of the problem with the marketing side of things is that marketing is about making money, and I grew up poor and Baptist, so even now as an agnathiest, I have major hangups any time I do anything to try to make money, especially if I'm sullying the Pure White Innocence of My Arte with evil evil greed.

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I finally poked around and dealt with setting up an author page at Amazon.  There isn't really anything on the page that my friends don't already know; I'm largely posting here because you can link from that author page to your outside blog, via rss, and I want to make sure I did that right because I've never tried such newfangled stuff, and the format that Amazon gives as an example, when typed in my browser, redirects to a different format, so I'm not positive it will work right.  So the entire purpose of this post is to see if I see this post when I go to my author page. Of course, the blog link doesn't seem to show up immediately on the author page, for reasons I don't understand, so this whole post might be futile and I might have to do the same thing again in the week.
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Remember how I entered the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest?  Well, first-round winners were announced today, and I made the cut.  So now I have to stress out for another 26 days until the second-round winners are announced.  Yeah, that's me: always looking on the bright side.

Also: a Thursday and then a Tuesday, approximately a month apart but not quite?  Who the frak came up with these dates?
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Back on July 4, I posted about discovering that people were buying my half-finished memoir on Amazon's Kindle platform. Since then, I have gotten enough sales to reach the $10 threshold at which Amazon disburses royalty payments. I got the first disbursement of $13.27 on December 30, so I guess I became a professional writer in 2010.

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The Barnes and Noble Nook e-reader has caught up to Amazon's Kindle in allowing essentially self-publishing by individual authors.  I now have Slices: A Memoir-in-progress set up on both platforms.  If anyone is up for reading a real-life account of depression, self-mutilation, abuse survival, and general family dysfunction, feel free to click on the following links.

On the Barnes and Noble Nook

On the Amazon Kindle

All proceeds will go toward motivating me to finally finish the damned thing.


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