Mar. 19th, 2009 01:05 pm
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As in, read the frakkin' packaging.

I have a solar battery charger. Not terribly swift, but hey, free power. I got a camera last year that takes AA batteries, so I went in search of NiMH AAs at Lowe's. The Energizer batteries were green and silver, and beside them were blue-and-silver lithium batteries. Last significantly longer, so that seemed like a win. Somehow I never confirmed that they were, in fact, rechargeable. My friend who was with me that day, who is normally even more anal about reading packaging than I am, didn't think to check, either.

Well, they aren't.

Found this out in a roundabout way. See, over the summer I had window film installed on the three huge, south-facing windows on my small condo. Well after that, the batteries ran out, and the charger didn't charge them. I thought at the time it was that the film cut down so much on various solar wavelengths that it was useless. Well, the good news is that my charger will probably work fine, once I put rechargeable batteries in it.

Which I will do once I get the nice coupon from Energizer from the nice customer service lady, who was sorry I was misled by the display, even though it probably had nothing to do with her company.

Anyway, when I have a positive customer service experience, I feel I should post, so here's some free advertising for Energizer.

Also, if you are looking for non-rechargeable batteries, their lithium batteries do last hella long.


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