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The random detail about getting ice cream ended up leading somewhere I'm not altogether unpleased with.

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[Obscenity note: This passage contains 7 "f---"s, all confined to the same paragraph.]

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Well, that turned out longer than I expected.


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This chapter didn't go where I intended it to go. Which makes me feel like one of those stereotypical flighty artsy-fartsy writers, except I like where it went.

[Reminder, since it's been a while: Trudy is blind, but when she and Amy touch, she sees what Amy sees; Amy, who is aphasic, understands language only when the two are in contact. Susan in their foster mother, who knows none of this.]

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I almost always write scenes in order, not skipping over anything, but I decided to go against every fiber of my authorial being and go straight to the pivotal scene. So I've skipped over the scene where Trudy meets Amy — who is nonverbal but does babble with speech-like cadences — most likely insults her, gets reprimanded by the foster parents, and just in general is a bitch and gets called on it, despite having just tried to kill herself. Anyway, I want this scene to be confusing, since it is from Trudy's point of view and makes no sense to her. But I don't want it to be too confusing, or at least not too infuriatingly confusing. So I welcome critique on whether anyone has a clue of what's going on, and if not, whether you are okay with that for now.
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The intro to a YA novel I haven't worked on since 2002. Apparently I only wrote half this one scene at the time, then kinda dropped it.

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